How to support your Fundraiser

Welcome to your Lucky Kat World Fundraiser!

GC (Good Character) Rules at Lucky Kat! LKW includes 100+ online games, mobile apps and a cool virtual destination where kids can create their own world!


Here’s how you participate!

Buy any LK Club Membership or a Membership Gift Card in the LKW Store and LKW will donate up to 50% back to your organization or school! You can do it in 2 short steps!

1. Make sure your organization is getting credit!

Make sure the school or organization you are supporting is listed at the top of this page. If not, double check your organization’s Lucky Kat World link (ex., retype it in your browser and revisit this page.

2. Choose a Membership!

  • Buy a One Month $6.99 – LKW will donate $1.20
  • Buy a Two Month Membership $11.99, LKW will donate 25% or $3
  • Buy a Three Month Membership $16.99, LKW will donate 30% or $5
  • Buy a Six Month Memberships $29.99, LKW will donate 40% or $12
  • Buy a Twelve Month Membership $49.99, LKW will donate 50% or $25
*Less credit card fees

That’s it! Your organization will AUTOMATICALLY receive credit for your purchase!

LK Club Memberships include Mobile!

All LK Club Memberships include Web and Mobile. Important! Mobile is ONLY included if you buy your LK Club Membership at You can make your purchase from a computer or from a mobile device, but you must buy it at and not as an in-app purchase. Due to reasons beyond our control, in-app Purchases are NOT eligible for fundraising credit. Once you have paid for a membership and have established your username and password at, simply go to iTunes or GooglePlay, search for Lucky Kat World, download any LKW app and login using your LKW username and password!

Awesome Benefits!

Buying an LK Club Membership is good for your family and good for your organization! Your family will love all the games and activities on LKW! Your children will be encouraged to exercise good character and you’ll be helping your organization fundraise!