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Daren's Donuts

Click on the letters to guess which letters are in the word.

You get 10 guesses to try to complete each word.
Points are added or subtracted depending on whether
you pick the correct letter.

Every time you miss a letter, Daren will lose one donut. If you don't complete the word correctly, Daren will lose all of his donuts!


1 letter correct = 10 points
1 letter wrong = minus 2 points
1 word correct = 200 points
1 word missed = minus 50 points

The user gets three misses (i.e.) “lives”.

After 3 misses the game ends and the user’s score goes back to zero.

For every 12 words (1 dozen) correct, the user gets 1200 bonus points and gains one life back.

List of Words & Hints

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