Fundraising Resource Center

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Welcome to the LKW Fundraising Resource Center!

If you’re new to Lucky Kat World or you already have an LKW Fundraising Account, the Fundraising Resource Center is where you’ll find helpful tools to make your LKW Fundraiser a huge success!

If you have any questions about the LKW Fundraising program or our resources, please email me at Thank you for visiting the LKW Fundraising Resource Center!
Natalie Tavares - LKW Fundraising Director

Everything Fundraisers need to Succeed!

The Fundraising Resource Center contains sample promotional materials including flyers, web banners, emails and texts. Your entire team can view them, come up with their own ideas and make decisions. This is a great way to get everyone involved in your LKW Fundraiser.

Turn-key Fundraiser! Worry Free! Easy to Manage!

With an LKW Fundraiser, there’s never any need to store physical paper or materials. We have lots of electronic options to help you kick off your program and keep it profitable throughout the year. Check back often as we’ll be adding new and seasonal materials to help boost your sales.

How is the Fundraising Resource Center different from our Fundraising Account?

The promotional materials in the Fundraising Resource Center are only samples and contain generic Lucky Kat World links. The promotional materials in your Fundraising Account contain your school or group's unique Lucky Kat World link (i.e. Your LKW link is the only way we can track your sales.

IMPORTANT! The web banners in your Fundraising Account are also pre-coded with your Lucky Kat World link. Always use the pre-coded web banners found in your Fundraising Account as your LKW link is the only way we can track your sales.

Secure Account Management

Your Fundraising Account contains financial reports, traffic logs and other statistics that can be used to make your fundraiser more successful. Since it has your financial information, including the ability to access the money you’ve raised, we recommend you limit the number of individuals that can log in to your account. Your webmaster may need access to your account in order to code the web banners into your website.