Fundraising Resource Center - How-to Videos

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Fundraising with LKW

This comprehensive, 6 minute video will give you a detailed overview of the LKW fundraising program.

If you’re considering an LKW fundraiser or you want to know more about the LKW fundraising program, this is a fast and easy way to learn more about our edutainment content, how to sign up, how you’ll earn money, how to promote an LKW fundraiser and how you’ll collect your fundraising dollars.

Parents! Fundraising Made Easy with LKW!

Is your organization or school participating in an LKW fundraiser? Learn more about the award-winning LKW website, our family of mobile apps and how playing fun, cool games, enhancing your child’s character and building awesome virtual communities, will earn your school money!

In just 3 ½ minutes, this video will tell you what Lucky Kat World is and how you can participate in your school’s LKW Fundraiser.

How is LKW Different?

Families have many choices in digital entertainment but there’s only one Lucky Kat World! Why? LKW is a safe, fun edutainment website that promotes good character in kids. This short video will give you an overview of the LKW content.

How to Sign Up

It takes less than five minutes to sign up for a fundraising account! This tutorial will walk you through the process, step by step.

How to Manage your LKW Fundraising Account

This brief video will show you some of the great fundraising tools available to you in your LKW Fundraising Account.

How to Access Lucky Kat World Flyers

Learn how to find, select and print flyers with your school’s dedicated link/URL.

Reinforcing Good Character in the Classroom

Lucky Kat World offers classroom and school subscriptions. This short video will show you how LKW will help reinforce good character in your students and help prevent bullying in your school.

Become an LKW Sales Rep!

LKW is looking for individuals who are passionate about children and their education. There’s nothing more fulfilling that helping a child. As an LKW fundraising representative, you aren’t asking families to dig deeper, you’re simply asking them to re-allocate a few of their entertainment dollars to help their child’s school and to contribute to their child’s good character development. It’s a win-win all the way around!