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Collect 100 LK Coins for signing up for an LK Guest Account
Play all the Splash Zone games and activities in the Lucky Kat World mobile app
Play in Katalina U, Funhouse Photos, Retro Bill's Funhouse and D.A.R.E. HQ
Collect Points and LK Coins
LK Club Members
Take the LK Cruise Ship Adventure around the globe
Meet Mr. Biggles and go on secret missions
Unlock the continent stores in the Katco Mall and create your own world empire
Become a Bronze World Explorer when you save the environment
Spend your LK Coins in the Katco Mall
Build your own Katville Virtual Communities
Use your Good Character to explore the 7 continents
Collect 1000 LK Coins for upgrading to an LK Club Membership
Unlimited access to all the Lucky Kat World mobile apps
Unlimited access to all 100+ online games and activities
Collect Points, LK Coins, Stars, Ribbons, Trophies & GC Badges
Save your favorite Funhouse Photos to your LK Profile
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