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Welcome to Lucky Kat World!

LuckyKatWorld.com is an edutainment site for kids K-5 filled with fun games, creative activities, user-generated videos and characters that promote positive attitudes and good character values.

Sign up for a free guest account to get started! We ask every player to provide a username and password so we can keep track of all the points and coins you earn. Your personal information is safe with us. We will never share it with anyone.
You'll start by choosing an avatar from our 16 LK characters. There are fun cats, crazy rats and a couple of cool dogs! You will be able to see your avatar in your Profile.
Your Profile is where you'll be able to check your game progress and see all of your trophies, achievements and high scores. You'll also be able to save your Photo Booth pictures in your Profile and even use them in the Katville Virtual World if you become an LK Club Member. Click Me! on the yellow menu bar in Katalina to find your Profile.
Play fun games and activities when you explore Katalina Island and the Katalina Pier. The more you play, the more LK Coins you'll earn! And you just never know when Lexie's Big Spin will pop up and you'll be able to win even more coins!
Katalina U is filled with educational games and activities, that reinforce learning Character Education, Art, Math, Reading Comprehension, Social Studies, Science, Geography and Language Arts.
Create your own crazy and fun pictures in the Katalina Photo Booth using the webcam on your computer. You can save them to your profile, email them to a friend or family member and even put them in your Katville Virtual World.
D.A.R.E. HQ is the home of Daren the lion and has D.A.R.E. themed games and activities. .
Climb aboard the LK Cruise Ship on Katalina Island to start your adventure exploring the 7 continents of the world!
  • Win 4 LK Cruise Ship games to move the ship forward and unlock each new continent
  • You'll need to dress your avatar in the right clothes for each continent in order to unlock the Lifeboat game
  • Win the Lifeboat game to get you to the continent's shore
  • Listen carefully to Mr. Biggles as he sends on your next adventure.
  • Play a cool game to save the region's environment
  • Take a fun quiz to see what you've learned!

*Many activities on the LK Cruise Ship Adventure reinforce National Academic Standards and Common Core.

On the LK Cruise Ship Adventure you’ll win coins, earn stars, unlock new adventures and cool new stores in the Katco Mall!
The more LK Coins you win, the more you'll have to spend in the Katco Mall on Katalina island. Buy cool islands, buildings, furniture, animals, characters and more!
Create your own Katville and fill it with cool islands, houses, a bakery, decorate your favorite LK characters and make it your own special place! Every time you unlock another continent on your LK Cruise Ship Adventure, you'll unlock another continent store in the Katco Mall.
Use the LK4 to create your Katville! Dream It! Believe It! Plan It! Do It!

Lucky Kat World is a very safe site, your name and email address will not be given out to anyone.
You can't get in touch with any other LK players and you can only view your own Profile.

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